Meet N Greet

At the higher end of Sunset Boulevard turn left towards the Beverly Hills/West Hollywood. In 92 Vince Neil
bought into the "BAR ONE" at 9229 Sunset Boulevard, Beverly Hills. He met and dined with many Hollywood celebrities and soon started dating star of Beverley Hills 90210, Shannen Doherty. The club has changed names plenty now called Goodbar.

John Corabi met Layla Dawn with whom he married  three years after they met at

"The Key Club" located  at 9039 Sunset Boulevard, West Hollywood during March 1998. 
The Key Club was previously called Gazzarri's and then Billboard Live.

RAINBOW BAR & GRILL is located at 9001 Sunset Boulevard. Mötley were regulars there and have played many gigs onstage at The Rainbow in the early days. Also the club that Nikki Sixx and Lita Ford left in the infamous incident in early 82 the Riot on Sunset Strip. A place also where especially Tommy an Nikki are still to be seen every now and then.

Almost next to the Rainbow is "The Roxy" at 9009 Sunset Boulevard. Mötley played  gigs here in 81 - 82. The Vince Neil Band also played their first show here in May 1993 under the name Five Guys From Van Nuys. Vince spent his birthday here with actor Robert Patrick and they talked with a girl named Lenay before his wife Sharise hit him in the nose with a glass. Vince and Sharise were ejected from the club after Vince slashed the manager with a bottle he smashed during the wild brawl that ensued. The Roxy is still a popular spot for seeing celebrities.

At 8901 Sunset Boulevard is "The Whisky A Go-Go" at 8901 Sunset Boulevard. Tom Zutaut witnessed the Crüe in April 1982 here after seeing a huge crowd of kids underneath the famous marquee that said "Mötley Crüe Sold Out." This leads to signing the band to Elektra Records. Mötley also played a Dr. Feelgood warm up show here on 5/10/89 under their pseudonym The Foreskins, which was used for the filming of their video for Kickstart My Heart. 


N. Clark Street. Mötley Crüe’s manager Allan Coffman financed a 2 bedroom apartment about 50 steps from The Whisky for Tommy, Nikki and Vince to live in late in June 1981. This was known as "THE MÖTLEY HOUSE" until March 1982.

June 1992 Vince Neil moved into the "BEL AGE HOTE"L at 1020 North San Vicente Boulevard, West Hollywood. He moved out of the hotel in November the following year when he bought a beachfront mansion in Malibu. Nikki attended the annual SFX Music Convention here in May 2000. The Crüe held a listening party on the hotel’s roof top for press and radio representatives to preview two songs off the forthcoming New Tattoo album.

"The Viper Room" at 8852 Sunset Boulevard, West Hollywood, is on the corner of Larrabee. Owned by actor Johnny Depp. The pavement outside is where Tommy Lee scuffled with paparazzi cameraman Henry Trappler 1996 and was ordered to pay $17,500. Tommy also had to perform over 250 hours of community service or pay about $5,000 in fines, as well as being placed on probation for two years. Sixx spent New Year's Eve 1996 here with his new wife Donna D’Errico, who did the countdown to 1997 in her rubber cat woman outfit.

"Tower Records" at 8844 Sunset Boulevard. This is where Vince was ready to fight Axl Rose after an incident backstage at the MTV Awards on 1989. Sixx and Mars also signed copies of The Dirt at an in-store appearance here on the last day of May 2001. Later his Brides Of Destructions held an in-store here in 2004  and Tommy a book signing for his Tommyland book.

Not far from the House of Blues is where "Sunset Strip Tattoo"  used to be located at 8418 Sunset Boulevard. The Crüe had many, many tattoos inked here over the years, as seen in their Uncensored video also. Further down the street to 7524 Sunset, you will see their new shop location, about one mile away. Look for that famous red awning and logo as seen in the video clip for Dr. Feelgood


Mcrueloyalty`guide to a cruecial mind trip of history. See some of the places that motley set carreer or personal history at. All locations are placed in and around Southern California.

"She waits at home just to love him
Through the night thinkin'
He's been gone so long now
Is he coming home
He's been gone so long now, oh!
Merry-go-round and round"

"The Argyle"
on the south side of the road at 8358 Sunset Boulevard. When Nikki was a boy,
he lived here on the 9th floor with his mother, when it was originally called Sunset Towers. The grand old 13-story building was the Strip's first high-rise and is one of Hollywood best examples of Art Deco design. Almost all Hollywood stars stayed here including Clark Gable, Marilyn Monroe & John Wayne

"The Body Shop"
is at 8250 Sunset Boulevard with its neon Girls, Girls, Girls sign. You can park around the corner at the rear to check out the action inside. Back on May 14th 1987 Mötley held the listening party for the Girls, Girls, Girls album at this Strip Club.

The Rock Walk / Guitar Center is located at 7435 Sunset. Mötley were inducted by pressing their hands in cement on May 20th 1997. The Mötley cement block now sits just left of dead centre.  People who works there can usually tell you some good stories about Mötley


Head to
"Denny`s" at 7373 Sunset Boulevard. The name Leathur Records was thought up here backin early 1981, as the name for Mötley's independent record company. (NOTE: This Denny's is currently boarded up and moved to a newer building a few blocks down)


On the right side of the strip at 7180 is 
"The Seventh Veil"  where Mötley have been known to 'raise hell'. Looking for the same Seventh Veil that was in the Girls, Girls, Girls video, well you're going to miss it, as it was renovated.

The "Whearhouse Store" at 7127 Sunset Boulevard on the corner of La Brea Ave is where Nikki sometimes worked between his Sister and London bands, prior to Mötley Crüe's formation. Whearhouse store was a record store back then and today has a nail, skin care business.

During 1995, Vince spent much of his time at the 
"Children`s Hospital" 4650 Sunset Boulevard, Los Angeles after cancerous tumours were found on his young daughter's kidneys, which lead to her passing

903 N. La Cienega Boulevard is where you reach the four-star
"Lòrangerie" French restaurant.
This is where Vince Neil married Heidi Mark on May 28, 2000.

"Hard Rock Cafe" Los Angeles at 8600 Beverly Boulevard. This is where Nikki Sixx rode his first Harley 
motorbike, as seen on the Girls, Girls, Girls album cover, through the doors when he donated it at lunch time on July 29th 1996. The bike has since been moved to another Hard Rock though.

May 1982 Mötley Crüe signed their record deal with Elektra Records and celebrated with a dinner in
"Benihana Of Tokyo" at 38 N. La Cienega Boulevard. Vince kept biting and cracking his margarita glass here as he hassled the waitress. Totally wasted as he was. The manager kicked them out.


Mcrueloyalty`guide to a cruecial mind trip of history. See some of the places that motley set carreer or
personal history at. All locations are placed in and around Southern California.

"Sex me wreck me give me your head
Gonna pull yeah yeah
And dontcha leave me for dead
No sex me wreck me gimme your head
Gimme your bed
Just remember what I said"



is where Tommy Lee and some friends went to at 180 N. Robertson Boulevard on
New Year's Eve 1994. From Pamela Anderson, a Goldschlager cinnamon schnapps liqueur was served for him. This was the beginning of one of the most famous Hollywood relationships of all time.

At 345 N. Maple Drive, Beverly Hills you find the 
"Elektra Records"

The birthplace of Mötley Crüe's lead singer. Take a drive by the "Queen Of Angeles Hospital" at
1300 N. Vermont Ave, Hollywood. This is where Vince Neil was born on Wednesday 8/2-61.

"The Tropicana" at 1250 N. Western Ave, Hollywood. Mötley used to frequent this strip club regularly. 
Vince got to be a fan of the place mudwrestling pit. In August 1986 Vince had his own mud pit installed.He often brought back a dozen girls from the Tropicana to wrestle nude for him and his friends. One was a girl called Sharise, who soon became Vince's wife. Lyric in the song Girls, Girls, Girls also says, "Tropicana's where I lost my heart."

After recording some of the Girls, Girls, Girls album here at "Conway Recording Studio"
5100 Melrose Ave. Hollywood, the hit record had its final mix completed here as well.


In 1979 Nikki Sixx joined his first real band called Sister. Other members of the band were Blackie Lawless,
Chris Holmes and Lizzie Grey. Sister rehearsed on GOWER ST, HOLLYWOOD but with their pentagrams and worm-eating antics, never made it onto the stage. When young Nikki was kicked out of the band he formed London with Lizzie, in his days just before Mötley Crüe form

Mötley Crüe's own retail shop
"S'Crüe" was once located at 7201 Melrose Ave for three months late 98/ early 99.
Vince Neil chainsawed through the front door of the shop, at the store's opening, while the other band members kick it in after they arrived in a red convertible Cadillac.

"Fuller Street".
TOMMY LEE’S FORMER CONDO is on this street, where he lived with his girlfriend Candice Starrek late in 1983. Candice’s real name is Elaine Starchuk and she soon became Tommy’s first wife.

"Cherokee Studios"
 at 751 N. Fairfax Ave, Los Angeles was where Mötley commenced recording Shout At The Devil in May 1983 in. The sessions also had girls streaming in and out of the studio constantly. Mötley also recording their Theatre Of Pain album here in February 1985 and it's where Mick's guitar sounds for the album were largely created. 1986 the Crüe released a home video called Uncensored which included videos clips and interviews of the band recorded here as well.

The famous black frontage of the
"Troubadour"  at 9081 Santa Monica Boulevard, West Hollywood. Mötley set a new attendance record at this club on their first performance. They then went on to play to many more packed houses here. This is also where Cheech & Chong were discovered


Mcrueloyalty`guide to a cruecial mind trip of history. See some of the places that motley set carreer or
personal history at. All locations are placed in and around Southern California.

"Okay child you've had to take the pain
Of a man in the streets
You gotta let me
Needed a friend
Even just for one night
Oh, starry eyes Oh, oh"

The former location of
"The Starwood" can be found at 8151 Santa Monica Boulevard, on the corner of Crescent Heights. Mötley Crüe performed their debut gigs, opening two sold out shows on the same night for Y&T on 24/4/81. Nikki also used to work here as a cleaner when he was in his band London and it became a home of sorts as he was introduced to celebrities and stronger drugs. Nikki, Tommy and Mick went to check out a rhythm guitarist James Alverson in Rockandi here, but their singer Vince caught their eye and they cornered him after the show in the bathroom to get him to audition
the next weekend. Very much a birthplace of Mötley and it's a shame the club no longer exists. Now a small mall

Crüe’s Theatre Of Pain album was mixed at
"RECORD PLANT" WEST's Third Street facility which closed shortly after and reopened at 1032 North Sycamore Ave, Hollywood in the former Radio Recorders Annex, a historic studio where Elvis Presley recorded. Vince Neil entered Record Plant studios again in August 92after his departure from Mötley Crüe and recorded most of his first solo alum Exposed here.

After the 1994 self-titled album, Mötley started work on their next album in
"A&M Studios" at 1416 North La Brea,Hollywood with Bob Rock producing, where they wrote the unreleased songs The Year I Lived In A Day and La Dolce Vitain December 1994. Earlier in the year Mick Mars had three guitars stolen from the studio. Mötley’s New Tattoo album was also mixed here at A&M.

Speaking of New Tattoo, keep heading north. The
"Lava Lounge" 1533 N La Brea Ave, Hollywood is the club where the band photos were shot for the inside CD booklet of the Crüe's New Tattoo album on April 2nd 2000

"The Pavement Star" At the Musician’s Institute’s Hollywood Passage at 6752 Hollywood Boulevard. Here you can admire and photograph Motley Crue’s HOLLYWOOD WALK OF FAME STAR that was unveiled on 25/1/06.


Almost next to the Hollywood Boulevard is
"Goldfingers" located at 6423 Yucca Street, Hollywood. The LA Times newspaper reported that Vince was seen here in a meeting with some VIPs regarding his return to Mötley Crüe in 1996.

"The Opium Den" at 1608 Cosmo Street, Hollywood is the site of Nikki Sixx and Donna D'Errico's first blind date late in August 96, after driving there from the Baywatch set where Donna was working. They then kicked on at the Dragonfly at 6510 West Santa Monica Boulevard, Hollywood this first night.

Go onto Vine to find the
"St. Crystal Sound Studios" located at 1014 Vine St, Hollywood is where Mötley recorded their very first demo of Nikki's songs Stick To Your Guns, Toast Of The Town, Public Enemy #1 and a cover song called Tonight. The studio is now called Barefoot Studio and Recordings and fans have said the owners want no visitors so you are advised to just look from the roadside.

Going north from Hollywood a good 7 min drive you can visit the Universal Studios City Walk complex at Universal City Plaza, Universal City. From Sunset Boulevard in Hollywood, make the left turn onto Argyle to the 101 Hollywood Freeway North. Keep an eye out because there is no warning for the freeway entrance; it's just all of a sudden there, Just follow the signs and you'll see the NORTH entrance as a left turn after the overpass and after you pass the Capitol Records building. Exit the 101 at the Universal Studios exit and keep to your right and you're there.
"The Universal Amphitheater" is where Mötley were presented the award for Best Heavy Metal Album at the MTV Music Video Awards in September 1989. Vince Neil waited and decked Guns N’ Roses guitarist Izzy Stradlin’ with a punch in the face as he came off stage, for recently hitting on then kicking his wife Sharise at the Cathouse. That triggered a feud between the two bands.

Going west on Ventura Boulevard towards Sherman Oaksis where you find the road housing the place Nikki moved into.A home on VALLEY VISTA BOULEVARD in Sherman Oaks in April 1986 after his girlfriend Nicole picked it out while he was on the Theatre Of Pain tour. He hardly left the house and shot up to $1000 worth of drugs a day with her here. "Bret M." from Poison lived at 14850 Valley Vista Boulevard. This is the Bret M house as I have not the actual address of Sixx



Mcrueloyalty`guide to a cruecial mind trip of history. See some of the places that motley set carreer or
personal history at. All locations are placed in and around Southern California.

"Keep your eye on the money
Keep your eye on the dealer's hand
Keep your eve on the money
Keep your eye on the lady's hand"


"Rumbo Recordings" at 20215 Saticoy St, Canoga Park is one of the studios where
Mötley recorded their Girls, Girls, Girls album. Vince Neil also recorded some of his
first solo album Exposed here. After leaving the Crüe, John Corabi recorded most of
Union’s debut album in this studio in 1997 as well.


"Nikki n Lita Ford`s apartment" is north east of Hollywood. After the Mötley House, Nikki moved into his girlfriend LITA FORD'S RESIDENCE at Apartment 6, 4859 Coldwater Canyon Ave, Sherman Oaks.

in Feb 1981 Sixx called Tommy about joining his new band and they met for lunch at the DENNY'S coffee lounge at 11377 Burbank Boulevard, North Hollywood on the corner of
Lankershim Boulevard. After being spooked by Nikki’s appearance upon meeting him, Tommy headed to Nikki's place in North Hollywood, where he was played some demo songs.This Denny´s is untouched since them days. No rebuilding anywhere .


"Magnolia Liquor Market" at 3801 W Magnolia Boulevard, Burbank. This is the store where Nikki Sixx used to work. One night 1978 Mick Mars walked in to get his cheap tequila and he met Nikki Sixx behind the counter. Mick invited Nikki to come down the road and see him play later that night in his southern rock band Spiders and Cowboys.

Vince’s Skylar Lynnae Neil whose small pink casket rests at Grave #930 at "Forest Lawn Cemetery" is located at 6300 Forest Lawn Drive, Los Angeles. Her grave is located behind the Red Church off the cemetery's main road. Also former Crüe drummer Randy Castillo memorial services were held here in the Old North Church on 30/3/02, is now laid to rest in Albuquerque, New Mexico. A cemetery
hosting all greats in films, music and other entertainment fames.

Mötley Crüe did an interview here for the Calendar Section of the L.A. Times promoting Generation Swine shortly before it was released. The "REEL INN" at 18661 Pacific Coast Highway, Malibu was the frames for many pictures taken for the article. Sunset Strip andBlvd ends at Pacific Coast Highway with the ocean in front of you, If you have the time stop and take a rest and enjoy this its amazing.

Coming from Santa Monica along the highway is another restaurant to try called
at 20356 Pacific Coast Hwy, Malibu on the ocean side. This restaurant was where Vince Neil was when his young daughter was diagnosed with cancer and spent much time in hospital. The night she passed away in August 1995, Vince and fiancée Heidi sat here to eat when Sharise called and said they needed to return to the hospital because her vital signs were dropping fast. Vince arrived ten minutes after she passed away. He later drove back to Moonshadows after leaving the hospital, and inebriated himself with alcohol and
valium pills in an effort to cope with his loss.

Nikki Sixx & Donna D’Errico dined at the "Bambu Restaurant" in the Country Mart Shopping Center, 3835 Cross Creek Rd, Malibu on the last day of August 1996, before he invited her back to his mansion afterwards where she stayed the night. Late in 1999 the restaurant changed to now
become Nobu Malibu.


Mcrueloyalty`guide to a cruecial mind trip of history. See some of the places that motley set carreer or
personal history at. All locations are placed in and around Southern California.

"The way she licks her lips
It's how she gets her fix
Another midnight monkey
How'd she get those kicks
Just a rock 'n' roll junkie"



"The Court Offices" of JUDGE LAWRENCE J. MIRA at Division 1 Malibu Municipal Court, 23575 Civic Center Way, Malibu well known to Lee. Here Judge Mira sentenced him to six months in county jail for a charge of spousal abuse against his wife Pamela Anderson in 98. He also found Tommy to be in violation of his probation in 2000 and ordered him to be immediately remanded to Los Angeles County Jail for the next five days.

"Ralph`s" supermarket is also by the Pacific Coast Highway in the large Malibu Colony Plaza at 23841 West Malibu Road, Malibu. Tommy and Pamela used to do their grocery shopping. Pam still shops here as do a lot of the famous people from the Malibu area.

Nikki, Donna and family lived here together last. "The Sixx Estate" a huge ranch lays up behind the hill you see from the road. They no longer do as we all know. But for strangers
and for people just passing through you can only get to the "gate" and you are being watched. So dont stay too long

Nikki Sixx's wife Donna opened her day spa and health indulgence business "Zenspa" in 2002 at Suite 120, 23975 Park Sorrento, Calabasas. She no longer owns it but still worth a visit.

In the Woodland Hills at the "Taft high School" the Smokin' In The Boys Room video was filmed. Not too far from the Hollywood area. You get a kick at the going through the hills of so many cool nature sights crossing hills and valleys and having already been by the big pacific ocean.

North east from Los Angeles you will find "South Hills High School" 645 S. Barranca Ave, West Covina.
This is where Tommy graduated to, after leaving Royal Oak High. Here he elected not to take drum lessons but kept his playing in check by joining the school marching band, and a local drum corp.

"Royal Oak High" 303 S. Glendora Ave, Covina, Where Tommy and Vince first met each other. they often skipped school together to jam on music in Tommy's garage.

At age 15, Vince Neil went to "Charter Oak High School"  at 1430 East Covina Boulevard, Covina.
He smoked angel dust he was busted. Vince also drove girls home for sex during school lunch breaksJames Alverson transferred to Charter Oak High School and chose Vince to be in his band. They soon formed Rockandi together. Vince was later kicked out of Charter Oak High.

Tommy Lee's first ever gig was with his first band called US 101 they played under lights at
an outdoor concert at the football stadium of  "Upland High School" at 565 W. 11th Street, Upland.

"Tommy childhood house" in Covina close to the school he went to. The house is still like when he
lived there with his parents. Tommy`s room was above the grage to the left. The garage was at a point sound proofed by his daddy who turned the garage into a rehearsal room for his son. As the family laid concret from the road to the garage Tommy signed his birth initials thats there still T.B.


Mcrueloyalty`guide to a cruecial mind trip of history. See some of the places that motley set carreer or personal history at. All locations are placed in and around Southern California.

"If I die tomorrow
As the minutes fade away
can't remember
Have I said all I can say?
You're my everything
You make me feel so alive
If I die tomorrow"


"The Palladium" - the very first timethe 4 originals played on a stage together again after getting together. A few 100 people
attended the event and welcomed back the grease of rock n roll in December of 2005


Nikki "Sixx north of Hollywood" in one of the many smaller cities you go through as you take this trip.The exact period of time for his stay here is a bit uncertain. But it is a place not known to too many it seems. certainly a place he doesnt talk about or lets be documented.


Glen Helen Park, San Bernadino the place that were the frames for the infamous "US 83 Festival"The bands breakthrough show. Today the Glen Helen park holds a stage set there permanently and is used for all kinds of concerts incl .the Ozzfest shows. Motley makes a return to this place as they in Nov comes by on the fall tour with the Bostin boys in Aerosmith



"Glendale Civic Auditorium" the place that they played with huge succes May 7th 82, just round the corner of the old backyards
of Tommy and vince. Not to return to the Civic after their Too Fast tour ending. But the place and the show holds a few vinylbootlegs from the evening here.



"Klown Records", It was in Santa Monica the boys recorded a few of the vocals on the new songs to red white & crue. Plus Nikki did all his rehearsals recordings and ideas for the debut of the Brides Of Destruction album. Stevo Bruno a owner and man with many faces. If you call first you may be able to swing an invitation to be getting a quick guideround the facility should you come by. Its a very cool place to see.


"Perkin's Palace, Pasadena", CA - the second venue the boys ever played in passadena after some shows at Pookie´s.The Palace is today renamed The Passadena Center. But a few extremely sort for bootlegs are around from these days.They played here: january 19th 82, October 30th 82 and a final salute to the palace with 2 shows in one day on the November 19th never to return.



"Cedar Sinai Hospital", the hospital that took in Sixx on his overdose from the streets next to Hollywood Blvd. in `87 the hospital that he checked himself out of in his leatherpant only. The hospital that has its location near hard Rock cafe and Beverly Hills.



Hollywood USA new millenium, Tommy decided to open his own rock club. One in Miami and one here in Hollywwod. he called it the ROKCLUB and it is in the heart of Hollywood a side road to Hollywood Blvd. A place that seems to have quiet an attendence.  How ever as of November 2006 it is closed for renevation. You have a chance to dress up and wanna hang out in other places than the grease joints this is a fairly cool place to do so in Holly style.
  Save our souls for the heavens
For a life so good it sure feels bad
Save our souls for the heavens
Save our souls for the promised land
Beverly Hills Municipal Court were the frames of the much talked about and known to fans tommy Lee incident with him pushing a photographer and getting sued. This happend outside the Viper Room on Sunset Blvd. the 29th of September 1996. Tommy to pay 5000 dollars in fines by March 11th and perform more than 250 hours of community service. Plus 17500 dollars to the man and his lawyer
Biltmore and Four Seasons Hotel, Santa barbara, Lee`s second marriage was helt here in 1986 with 500 guests by the sea at this exclusive over classed hotel. Nikki was to be best man but stood Tommy up as he was too high on coke from juts doing a shot in the bathroom minutes before the ceremony. Skydivers and white doves, and a line of rich and fames were to be attending this ....incl rockers from Quiet riot, Night Ranger, Autograph, Ratt and special invitd DJ for the day Rikki Rachman.
The Mens Central Jail, Los Angeles located close to Tommys home in Malibu downtown Los Angeles. yet this was his home for more than 90 days in 1998 after a trial started from then wife Pamela Anderson. Tommy was sentenced jail time for spousal abuse. Gotta say I have rarely seen so many cops in such a little area in my life. maybe part from the city of Washington D.C. This was insaine

Vince neil started with a line of ideas a few years back one of them ended up becoming a reality and it got to be a dream of his for years just at a some what different location. His own tattoo shop. Its right on the las Vegas Strip caleld Las Vegas Blvd. and he caleld it
Vince Neil Ink. It is a place that holds several rooms for inking at the same time some of his stage used items like a guitar a full body clothing 2005 tour used boots pants and shirt. A bike and his many merchandise items that has and will turn out to be a full goldmine in itself. Hell there is a lot already but only 2 weeks after the opening and much mor to come even this year. you can call for apointments but they are pretty flexible so you dont need one. Opening Hours 11am-4am !!


Junkers Designs located at a place that could make you suspicious downtown actually a bit on the east side just outer town. This place was not the easiest to find and it says nothing. So unless you really dig for it you wont find it. Its not a shop as we know it but every and anyone that wants to spend like a little xtra on some exclusive rock clothing personal designed can.... This would be the place the band in 2005 and 2006 used for their stuff made. At least some of the members did. Plus the tryout singers for the Supernova show and the band members themselves used these guys to make them stuff. Junkers cool dudes great ideas and really hidden
At 655 Jefferson Blvd in Los Anggeles there is a huge location called The Shrine Auditorium. january 27th 1997 this was the frames for the American Music Awards with motley Crue performing their 97 version of the "Shout At The Devil" track from their Greatest Hits album. Rightly introduced by pamela Anderson.

many times have the Los Angeles court rooms been having visits from one or more of the members of Crue. The skyskraper on 255 E Temple Street is no exception. There was  from the new years eve show 2004 on CBS TV an incident where Vince wished Tommy a happy FUCKING ne year and they got sued by the CBS for this one word. The lawsuit from this and the one between Nikki Sixx and then Dragonfly were both helt here. The Final one that nikki has had in 2006 wasas Donna filed for devorse in the building just rouond the corner.

Not at all what it was. Still same building but in 1981 the place and rehearsal room amongst a few for the band as they rehearsed 9 songs every day for a period of time leading up to the recording of the debut Too fast album. Today it seems like an auto garage repare shop or something. but in 1981 1651 Naomi Ave, Los Angeles was a different story.

  Location also used in the movie "Boogie Nights" from a few years back. Still a movie to buy. But way before this the boys had this as a one of a few favorite venues to play bck in 1981 and 82. They played here a total of 6 times first October 2nd 1981 and last August 30th 1982. Today a church in action. is in the valley a good 30 minutes north west of Hollywood. Not much to see from the outside no more. But the building is more or less untouched outside. back then it was known as Country Club, Reseda.  

One of the places that was not really a Motley crue location as such and yet yes was to be found on Santa Monica Blvd. It was in the eastern Hollywood by far NOT a safe place to be these days. Controlled by gangs and all kinds of none respectful people. Once a rehearsal location for bands called Shamrock and before that Falcon Rehearsals. In the 70s it had all kinds of SUPER groups here. Rolling Stones, Doors, Jimi hendrix, you name it. All had been there beatles. In the 80s it was to be a place for the up n coming bands then it shot down was reopened by michael who was the right hand guy to Alan Coffmann in the first year of Motley`s carreer. he resigned  working with Crue after they signed to Elektra in 1982 and hen he heard that this place was shot down. he wanted it back so eventually he paid his rent and tried to reopen and looked for bands to hire rehearsal places here. It did not turn out the way he wanted it but couldnt leave the place he had loved so much from the past musical doings. So he illigally opened a night rock club. Where everybody in the beginning and mid 80s hung around. this was also the place that build the dynamite and beginnings of platinum selling hair bands like GNR, Poison, Crue and others.... by far to me the most interesting place in Hollywood for its dark and mysterious history. Beats the hell out of the Whiskey in my book. but thats just me. Cool place ...if walls could tell stories.


Calabasas, north  west of L.A. and hollywood. North of Malibu too. many stories from the area here for the band. But Also one location which would be very od for people to see if they were told this was the once house and home of Mick Mars. November 2006 as I past it was up for rental. Maybe one of these days I shoud look into one of these places and ask for renting one of the many homes we have tracked down over the past years of doing the get arounds for making this section possible. But yeah it was and is placed at a kind of quiet but really open neighbourhood and that is perhaps the most suprising detail about this place. I tell you not everything about the locations and all on our heroes is glamourous. far from it.
  This could be your, Sick love song
This could be your
Sign that things are going wrong
This could be your
Sick love song Sick love song Sick love song